Family-Friendly General Dentistry and Medical Checkups

Henwood Family Medicine & Dentistry in San Antonio, Texas, offers a range of care, from general dentistry and orthodontic care to routine medical checkups. You’ll love the compassionate and gentle care provided by our doctors. They provide a variety of services, including:

 • Dental
 • Consultations
 • Digital X-Rays
 • Intra-Oral Imaging (Magnification)
 • Cosmetic Dentistry-Bonding/Tooth Whitening

• Fillings, Crowns, Bridges & Root Canals
• Oral Surgery
• Orthodontics (Adults & Children)
• Preventive & Nonsurgical Periodontal Services
• Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nurse Staff
 • Medical
 • Urgent Care & Sick Visits
 • Checkups
 • Health Maintenance, Immunizations & Annual Physicals
 • Chronic Condition: Management (Asthma, Depression, 
   High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Menopause)

• Skin Biopsy & Mole Removal
• Gynecologic EXAMS & Pap Smears
• Osteoporosis Diagnosis and Care
• Immunization & Flu Shots
• Sports Physicals & Injury care



Emergency situations arise, and will do our best to respond promptly. Your comfort is very important to us. If you do have a problem, please call us as early in the day as possible. This will make it easier to see you the same day. Prescription refills and appointments are not available after hours or on weekends.
Patients are seen by appointment. Please call in advance to reserve a time. We respect our patient’s time and make every effort to remain on schedule. Some visits are more complicated than initially anticipated and emergencies also arise that could delay us. If we are significantly delayed, every effort will be made to notify you in advance. You may choose to come later or reschedule.
If you are unable to keep your appointment, we would appreciate at least 48-hours notice so that your reserved time may be made available for other patients. If you are going to be late, please notify us. You may have to be rescheduled so that other patients do not have to wait. Patients who miss appointments often without notice will not be rescheduled.
Medical History
Please keep us informed of changes in your health. Your full disclosure of anything that is not normal allows us to treat you with the highest degree of safety. Please fill out a new patient form or the existing patient form
Return Visits
Regular preventive health care is a sound investment. Returning for treatment is primarily your responsibility. At the time of your recall visit, please advise the receptionist of any change in the following areas:

 1. Address
 2. Telephone Number
3. Health
4. Medications
5. Marital Status
6. Employment

7. Insurance Coverage

Patient Referrals
Our practice has grown because of all the nice things you say about us. We appreciate your sending us your family and friends, and will make every effort to treat them with the best of care.

Contact us in San Antonio, Texas, to learn more about getting both medical checkups and general dentistry services.

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