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Dr. Robbie Henwood, MAGD


I have been a general dentist for more than 20 years in San Antonio, Texas. A dentist typically prescribes the diagnosis, treatment plan, and restorative dental plan in complex cases. This is because his expertise is required in evaluating the likely prognosis of compromised teeth that have already lost a significant amount of the bony support due to damage from infection. Since such teeth are frequently needed to anchor replacement bridgework, clinical judgments are required as to future stability. Lots of things necessarily enter into this process, such as the number and predictability of support teeth, the related biting forces (occlusion), and mechanical design of replacement bridgework.

For the last ten years, I have been increasingly involved in placing restorations on dental implants, because this is frequently a superior way to replace missing teeth.

My background in dentistry includes more than treating oral disease and performing periodontal and implant surgery. It also qualifies me as an expert in dental implants, endodontics, dental bridgework, and related functional and bite problems. Additional areas of expertise include, advanced orthodontics, infection control, intraoral imagery and radiography, and electronic office integration.


I have been involved in malpractice consulting, case analysis, deposition, and court testimony. I have found that years of clinical experience have been quite helpful in understanding and analyzing problems. Also, having served on many peer-review committees, I've been able to examine problems frequently related to initial treatment planning, correct diagnosis, and prognosis. In dentistry, this is usually where the general dentist is the logical expert.